Since the departure of Ferrari’s head of vehicle concepts, the team has been in trouble as race director Laurent Mekies and other renowned engineers are also expected to leave the team.

The start of the season has been far from what Ferrari would have expected, with Charles Leclerc’s retirement from the Bahrain Grand Prix and the relative competitiveness of the car against their rivals, the situation is certainly worrying. However, adding onto that, the team is also witnessing some of the best engineers leaving with not much reason being given.

One such name that has come to light is Mekies. He has been with the team since 2018 and in 2021, was appointed as the racing director. However, according to a report from Corriere Della Sera, his powers as a racing director have been ‘restricted’ ever since Mattia Binotto resigned from the team. It has been speculated that he, too, is looking to part ways with the team.

The trouble, however, doesn’t stop there for the team in red. Sanchez, as mentioned above, has also left and is likely to join McLaren sooner or later. Long-serving Ferrari personnel Jonathan Giacobazzi and Gino Rosato have also reportedly walked away from the team.

Ferrari could have old faces return to the team, according to reports

Following up on the report from Corriere Della Sera, it is expected that the team will see some of the old faces perhaps returning. This includes Simone Resta, who was previously the head of the R&D department. He has had a long history with the team, and if it happens, it won’t be the first time that he will mark his return to the team.

In 2018, he moved to the Sauber Group before returning to Scuderia a year later in the same position. Soon after, however, he moved to Haas F1, becoming their technical director as a part of the ‘technological relationship’ the two teams share.

Ferrari are currently said to be facing a host of issues both on and off-track. The car does look as competitive as expected, and although Leclerc is expected to be the number one driver after Carlos Sainz’s Bahrain performance, there is still a lot to be thought of for the team.

The relationship between Ferrari and Leclerc could take a negative turn if they fail to provide him with a championship-winning car, and the SF-22, after the first race, doesn’t seem like one.