Hong Kong-based indie sales agent Good Move Media has added Japanese music drama “Plastic” to its FilMart slate.

The film is directed by Miyazaki Daisuke, the Japanese helmer behind “Yamato (California),” which had festival play in 2016, and 2019 slacker youth title “Tourism” in 2019.

The new picture is the story of teenagers Juna and Ibuki, who set out to find the psychedelic rock band Exne Kedy. Exne Kedy is a fictional creation from musician Ide Kensuke, who previously released punky album “Kensuke Ide With His Mothership — Contact From Exne Kedy and the Poltergeists,” but the band is actually credited as performing and providing part of the music track in the film. “Plastic” is recently completed and headed for a theatrical release in Japan in July.

Good Move has a strong track record of handling offbeat but powerful Asian independent films. Its recent titles include “Me and the Cult Leader,” a documentary exploring an encounter between director and sarin gas victim Sakahara Atsushi and Araki Hiroshi, the leader of the Doomsday cult that unleashed a poison gas attack in 1995 on the Tokyo subway. Its other Japanese titles include Ishii Yuya’s “All the Things We Never Said” and 2022 Venice competition and Toronto film “Stonewalling,” from directing pair Otsuka Ryuji and Huang Ji.

Good Move is also handling Tan Chui Mui’s “Barbarian Invasion,” which was in competition at Shanghai in 2021 and had a substantial festival career, and “Money Has Four Legs” a Myanmar satire by Maung Sun and producer Ma Aient, who is in jail in Myanmar as a political prisoner.