Nancy Meyers’ big return to directing romantic comedies has stalled, with her upcoming film “Paris Paramount” no longer moving forward at Netflix over budget concerns.

News that the project is being shelved comes following reports that A-listers Scarlett Johansson, Penélope Cruz, Owen Wilson and Michael Fassbender were circling the lead roles in the film.

Netflix was backing the movie, which was announced in April 2022 and greenlit with a price tag well over $100 million, a source confirms to Variety. (Industry newsletter Puck reported that the film would cost $130 million to produce). It’s not clear how much of the budget would’ve been devoted to designing an immaculate kitchen, a staple in the Nancy Meyers Cinematic Universe.

Netflix declined to comment.

Meyers, the beloved director of “The Holiday,” “Parent Trap” and “Something’s Gotta Give,” was set to write, direct and produce the semi-autobiographical story about Hollywood exes who end up working together. Meyers was married to director Charles Shyer, with whom she had two children, for nearly 20 years. As a couple, they worked on several award-winning comedies, such as “Private Benjamin,” “Baby Boom” “Father of the Bride” and “The Parent Trap.”

After winning a screenwriting Oscar for “Private Benjamin,” Meyers made her directorial debut with 1998’s “The Parent Trap,” starring two Lindsay Lohans. A proven box office draw, Meyers is the creative mind behind contemporary rom-com classics like “It’s Complicated” and “What Women Want.”

Meyers hasn’t returned behind the camera since 2015’s heartfelt workplace dramedy “The Intern” with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, which grossed $135 million globally on a $35 million budget. She did, however, produce 2017’s “Home Again,” which was written and directed by her daughter Hailie Meyers-Shyer.