John McEnroe’s brother Patrick McEnroe claimed Rafael Nadal has the best forehand on clay but Roger Federer was above everyone when it came to all the other surfaces.

The 56-year-old spoke to Marc Sterne on Courtside: The US Open Podcast and was asked to pick the forehand in the history of the sport. McEnroe claimed that Nadal had the best forehand on clay but Federer was the best when it came to any other surface.

Speaking about the Spaniard, McEnroe said that no one has been able to replicate his heavy topspin on clay.

“On clay, Nadal. On any other surface, Roger. You know, Roger’s forehand was the greatest offensive weapon I think. I mean, Rafa’s on clay is, nobody has ever hit a ball with that much topspin. So, that’s the mean reason he has been as good as he has been, at least on clay,” McEnroe said.

The former tennis player further lauded Nadal’s game on clay.

“He has all the other attributes, the movement, he’s got great touch, the heart, the fitness, but that forehand with the bounce on clay, I mean nobody has been able to replicate that, ever,” he added.

McEnroe called Roger Federer’s forehand the “quick strike,” claiming that the 20-time Grand Slam champion’s ability to hit a crosscourt forehand from any part of the court and at any angle was unmatched.

“But Roger, if you talk about, on all surfaces, his ability, I call it the quick strike, the the crosscourt forehand, and then he’s kind of leaning in, and then, boom, up the line, it’s past you. Like, that ability to hit that shots from all parts of the court and hit any angle, obviously his forehand could break down a little bit or he could mishit it, but when he was on, there was nothing like it,” McEnroe said.

“It is not long before he can compete again”- Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni

Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni recently stated in a recent interview with TVE that it wouldn’t be long before the 36-year-old would compete again.

“Rafael is recovering, I think it is not long before he can compete again,” he said.

The 62-year-old also mentioned that Nadal and his family are dreaming of winning the French Open once more and thinks that the 22-time Grand Slam winner has the mentality to win a 15th title in Paris.

“His family and he dream of it and I think he has the mentality to achieve it,” Toni Nadal said.

Rafael Nadal recently shared an image of himself on social media practicing on court in his academy. The former World No. 1 has not participated in the ATP Tour since the 2023 Australian Open due to injury. Nadal recently withdrew from the Madrid Masters to give himself more time to recover from a lingering hip injury. He is currently still slated to compete at the Rome Masters next month before the French Open at the end of May.