Play Andar Bahar Paytm Cash Games in Seconds!

Andar Bahar Paytm cash games are real money that can be paid through paytm andar bahar games online, normally you can see them on the websites of online casino in India.

You’ve probably played Andar Bahar, the classic Indian card game, in real life, be it in a casino or with friends. As online casinos are booming, you can now easily find Andar Bahar online games that played with real cash, that is, you can play real cash games without going out.

Andar Bahar Paytm Cash Game

Further, regarding real cash, some Paytm users find that this electronic wallet has many advantages, such as convenience, popularity, etc., and even Paytm has developed its own currency called Paytm cash, which has the same function as ordinary currency. You can use Paytm cash for many types of transactions.

Due to the emergence of Paytm cash, there are also many platforms, such as Apps or websites, offering games or operations to get Paytm cash for free. As long as you are willing to spend some time to use it, you will definitely be able to find the best Paytm cash games online.

Let’s see how Andar Bahar Paytm cash games work!

What is Andar Bahar paytm cash game?

You know that Andar Bahar generally uses real money as a bet, which is why it often appears in online casinos. However, this article is about Andar Bahar games that can be wagered using Paytm cash.

Since paytm cash cannot be obtained through purchases, you must use paytm wallet to get rewards, or complete tasks of varying difficulty on some apps and websites to get paytm cash. Simply put, it is a bit like an exclusive currency developed by Paytm to reward users who use the service.

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Where to find Andar Bahar Paytm cash games?

First of all, you have to find an online casino that can use Paytm as a payment method and provide real cash Andar Bahar games. I suggest you play live Andar Bahar, which seems fairer and more transparent than RNG games.

Don’t worry, I have compiled some list for you, the following are 8 andar bahar online casinos that you can pay via paytm:

  • Casino Days
  • 10 Cric
  • Big Baazi
  • bettilt
  • Jackpot Guru
  • CasiBee
  • Casumo
  • Slot V casino

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Generally speaking, online casinos that provide paytm as a payment method have a high probability of receiving paytm cash stored value at the same time.

However, you need to be aware that although some platforms provide paytm payment options, they do not accept paytm cash for payment. They may only allow money to enter your online casino account through paytm wallet.

Regarding this point, since it involves the individual policies of the credit card or bank account bound to Paytm, I cannot answer it for you. You must wait until the actual payment to be sure.

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What are the types of Andar Bahar games?

Online andar bahar games are divided into two types: live andar bahar and RNG andar bahar. The biggest difference between the two is whether to use live dealers.

I personally also prefer to play live andar bahar games with real human dealers, because at least I can witness the process of dealing cards, which makes people feel more fair and open.

Moreover, the real cash andar bahar of online casinos is usually live, so I will classify andar bahar paytm cash games as one of live andar bahar for your convenience.

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How to play Andar Bahar Games Online?

Online andar bahar is slightly different from those you play in real casino house. Here is what you need to do before playing online Andar Bahar Paytm cash games.

  1. Choose a safe online casino site.
  2. Registering an account must use paytm payment as your first fund (including paytm cash).
  3. Login account, select a live andar bahar game table with a human. Dealer, I suggest you start with a small minimum bet.
  4. Start playing games and place bets with your mobile phone or computer.

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Basic Andar Bahar Gameplay

Basic Andar Bahar Gameplay

The game begins with the dealer revealing a card known as the Joker. Players then place their initial bets on the Joker’s chances of landing in either the Andar or Bahar boxes.

After all players have placed their initial bets, the dealer calls “no more bets” and starts drawing cards alternatingly for both sets of boxes.

If the Joker appears in the first card drawn for the Bahar set, 25% of your betting amount is paid to all players betting on Bahar; if it appears on the Andar set, all players betting on Andar are paid even money.

Once the Joker has been revealed, you can then place a second bet on the box labeled “2nd Bet” for both sets of boxes. After this, the dealer announces that there is no more betting and begins drawing cards again alternatingly for both boxes.

This is where the excitement really kicks in. If you correctly place your initial bet on the Andar or Bahar boxes, you win the round.

The game has very simple rules and is completely random, but the odds are close to 50/50, giving everyone an almost fair chance to win.

How to Get Paytm Cash With Mobile Apps

There are many ways to get Paytm cash, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of them. The best way is to choose an app that’s compatible with your smartphone and then use that to earn money.

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Some of the most popular apps for earning Paytm cash include mCash, Crownit, and Task bucks. These are all free and easy to use, and they give you instant rewards for completing simple tasks. The app also features a wide range of offers that you can take advantage of to earn extra cash.


One of the best ways to earn Paytm cash is by reading news, completing simple user tasks, and referring friends. mCash also gives you points for completing surveys and games.

You can then redeem these points for money or vouchers. You can use the money you earn to buy items from websites like Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play.


Crownit is an online money-earning platform that lets you win Paytm cash for a variety of activities. These include playing games, completing quizzes, and referring friends. You can also earn by watching videos and completing daily challenges.

It’s a great way to earn money without compromising on your time or privacy. You can even earn a few dollars per day while you’re at work or on the go.


Taskbucks is a fun and rewarding app that lets you earn Paytm cash by completing simple tasks and inviting friends. You can earn a daily check-in bonus, and you can refer friends using your unique code to earn a special referral bonus.

The app has many rewards and prizes, including gift cards, free movie tickets, and more. You can also earn coins that you can then redeem for real-world items or Paytm cash.

Winzo Gold

Winzo Gold is a free app that lets you earn Paytm cash while you’re playing games and competing with your friends.

The app has several simple games and tournaments that let you compete against other players for huge cash prizes. The prize amount is also dependent on how well you perform, so it’s a good way to get some extra cash while having fun.

First Games

The first games feature allows you to compete against gamers from around the world. The more you win, the higher up on the leaderboard you’ll climb. You can also participate in trivia quizzes and Battle Centres.

It is an easy way to earn Paytm cash while you’re on the go and it’s a great way to meet people. The rewards are great, and the cash can be redeemed directly into your Paytm wallet or sent to a bank account.

Video buddy

Video buddy is another fun way to earn Paytm cash. The app features a variety of entertaining and educational videos. You can watch them anytime and anywhere, and you’ll receive a bonus for every video you watch.

The app is free to download and doesn’t require you to complete your KYC. You can also earn coins for referring friends and watching videos. The best part is that these coins can be redeemed for real money or transferred to your Paytm wallet instantly.

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Andar Bahar Sidebets/game variations

The 1st Card is Dealt Andar

In this variation of this game, rather than selecting the side based on colour, the first card is dealt to the Andar side, the 2nd to Bahar and also this goes on. The odds change in this instance. It favours Bahar on 1 to 1 and also 0.9 to 1 on Andar.

Instead of the house card, the very first card played by the player whose colour chooses whether this 1st card needs to be dealt to the Andar or the Bahar pile in the online Andar Bahar real cash application.

This variation according to Andar Bahar methods changes the odds of the first bet to a close 50:50 favour considering that you do not recognize the colour of this card when you place the Andar Bahar bet in the real cash game. Perhaps, this has been the intent behind this adjustment in regulations.

Even so, the payment for winning wagers in an Andar bahar actual money app online still appears to remain 0.9:1 on the 1st dealt card’s side.

2nd Bet Post Seeing Two Cards

In another variation of the Andar Bahar online game, the player is permitted to make another bet on either side when he has seen the 1st 2 cards, in case neither of the cards matched your house card.

Currently, the odds slide in your favour slightly more than at the beginning of the card game, roughly 51.58%.

Bank on the Number of Dealt Cards

This one isn’t part of the initial game, nevertheless, if you play on an actual money application online, the supplier enables the player to bet on the number of cards that shall be dealt up until the moment the among them matches the house cards.

In this circumstance of an on the internet Andar bahar real cash game, the wagers might come in ranges.

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Andar Bahar Paytm Cash games winning tricks

  • Learn the rules clearly
  • Try with small stake
  • Look for various options
  • Consider the Side Bets Sometimes
  • Don’t chase loss
  • Practice with free games

Since Andar Bahar is basically a game based on luck, apart from knowing some probability and rules, it is difficult for you to really predict where the joker will go. A lot of practice is just to get you used to knowing how much to bet.

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Also, I don’t recommend that you stay at the poker table for too long at a time, because the longer the time, the more money you may lose on average. You may have to spend more time to earn extra paytm cash for next time.

Good luck!

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