FIFA Mobile Gameplay Modes & Control Guides Overview 2023

FIFA mobile 23 from EA Sports offers a complete package of features and a high-quality experience for gamers on any device. There are several modes that you can play in the latetst version.

FIFA Mobile Gameplay Modes & Control Guides Overview 2023

Let’s see the trailer first.

In FIFA Mobile, you can build your ultimate team of soccer players and compete with them in a variety of modes. You can also manage your squad in Manager Mode and open packs to get new virtual cards from world-class soccer stars.

Game Mode

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team in FIFA mobile

Ultimate Team is a game mode in FIFA mobile 2023 where you build your Ultimate Team by collecting players, buying packs and spending coins. FUT is a fun game for FIFA fans and can be played online or in offline matches.

One of the most popular aspects of Ultimate Team is the ability to buy and sell players on the market. In order to do this, you must have enough money in your account to purchase the required amount of coins.

You can earn coins and player packs by completing objectives, which you can find in the Objectives tab of the Ultimate Team menu. These objectives are generally simple tasks that can be completed quickly to earn stars and rewards.

You can build your Ultimate Team by combining players from different teams and countries. This allows you to build Chemistry between players, which is a key factor in the success of your side.

Manager Mode

FIFA mobile Manager Mode

The Manager Mode in FIFA mobile 2023 is a new addition to the game that focuses on tactics. In this mode, you choose the high-level strategies that your team pursues both before and during a match.

You can use a set of pre-defined tactics, or you can create your own custom tactics to improve the performance of your team.

The tactical decisions you make in Manager Mode can be influenced by a wide range of metrics. These include shots, possession percentage, pass accuracy, goals, assists, tackles, and fouls.

You can also look at the statistics for each player in your squad to get a better idea of how your team is doing. This information will help you make smart tactical judgments throughout a game, just like any good manager would do.

The update for FIFA mobile 2023 also brings some new gameplay improvements, including player switching options, improved goalkeepers and an adjustment to weak foot error. It also allows you to equip your teams with the logos, crests and kits of over 30 national teams.

Four Camera Modes

In FIFA mobile 2023, players can choose from four camera modes to help them take in the action like never before. These include camera types for goal kicks, free kicks corners and penalties as well as in broadcast replays.

In addition, EA has improved the audio of FIFA mobile 2023, with better broadcast audio for those who enjoy that live football vibe it often comes with. These new enhancements should help players get more out of every match in the game.

The Best Camera Settings for Pro Play are the classic Tele Broadcast setting at a camera height of 12-17 and a zoom of 0. This will give you a wider view of potential openings and through balls, as well as blocking any players that may be obstructed from view.

If you prefer playing in Co-Op mode, then the Co-Op camera with a camera height of 17 and a zoom of 3 is probably the best option for you. This will let you get a great view of the pitch and dribble into open spaces to make more accurate passes.

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Online Matches

FIFA mobile 2023 offers players the opportunity to play matches online with a friend. All you need to do is create a 1v1 match with an opponent in the dashboard and wager money on the outcome of the game.

The website is designed to connect you with a global community of gamers who are interested in playing competitive FIFA mobile for money. The site lets you create and accept 1v1 matches for as little or as much money as you wish to wager.

In addition to this, the website also has a Head to Head mode where you can play 11v11 matches against other real users from around the world in real-time. By winning and drawing H2H games, you will gain cups and rewards that will allow you to advance into higher divisions.

FIFA Mobile is packed with features that make it stand out among other football titles.

Some of these include live commentators in different languages; audience cheers that change according to the event of each match; a variety of camera angles for corner kicks, free kicks, goal kicks and other situations; new stadiums; customizable time and weather effects and more.

FIFA Mobile Gameplay Controls Guide

Basic Movement

Move PlayerMove the Virtual Stick
SprintHold ‘SPRINT & SKILL’
Skill Move (Unlocks at level 7)Tap or Swipe ‘SPRINT & SKILL’ to any direction
Face Up DribbleDouble Tap and Hold the Virtual Stick


Actions Buttons Gesture
 Ground Pass Press or Hold ‘PASS’ Tap into or behind one of your players
 Pass and Go Press or Hold ‘PASS’ and swipe down –
 Lob Pass Press or Hold ‘PASS’ and swipe up Double tap into or behind one of your players
 Ground Through Pass Press or Hold ‘THROUGH’ Tap in front of one of your players
 Lob Through Pass Press or Hold ‘THROUGH’ and swipe up Double tap in front of one of your players
 Cross In the crossing zone, press or Hold ‘PASS’ and swipe up In the crossing zone, double tap into near or far post
 Low Cross In the crossing zone, press or Hold ‘PASS’ and swipe right –
 Ground Cross In the crossing zone, press or Hold ‘PASS’ and swipe left –


 Actions Buttons Gesture
 Shot/Volley/Header Press or Hold ‘SHOOT’ Swipe in a straight line towards the goal
 Finesse Shot Press or Hold ‘SHOOT’ and swipe down Swipe in a curved line towards the goal
 Chip Shot Press or Hold ‘SHOOT’ and swipe up Tap on the goal
 Fake Shot Press or Hold ‘SHOOT’ and swipe left – 

Buttons & Gestures

You can play FIFA Mobile with gestures or buttons.

Gestures make the most out of the touchscreen to allow you to control your players’ actions. Buttons give you more control of passing techniques and simulates a more traditional gaming experience. You can also mix and match both playstyles and find what suits you better!

You may disable the buttons shown on your screen by going to the “Settings” menu, then clicking on “Preferences”. Here you can toggle “Gestures Only” to ON.

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